Individual Counseling

Individual counseling for adults (18+) for issues related to:






Alcohol Abuse


Boundary and Codependency Issues

Relationship issues


Life coaching

Life transitions

Work issues

Because I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the pillar of successful therapy my strongest emphasis is on you the individual.  No two people or situations are identical and so my approach is based on your unique needs and goals.  A strong therapeutic relationship is an invaluable framework for you to explore and learn more about yourself.  In addition to the therapeutic relationship there are many possible benefits of counseling:

  • Practicing new behaviors.
  • Receiving objective feedback regarding a situation or problem.
  • Gaining an understanding of how your past impacts current behaviors.
  • Receiving encouragement and accountability for behavior change.
  • Processing feelings in a safe environment allowing for a catharsis (emotional release).
  • Gaining increased self-acceptance through a deeper understanding of yourself.

Counseling follows the same life tenant that “the more that you put into something the more you get out of it”. Although I do not do couples therapy, sometimes it is necessary to bring a spouse and/or family members in for a session or two in order to make the most progress.  I will be happy to accommodate this should we decide it would be beneficial to do so.